Smile 16403 Lens Cap Clip

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Type : Lens Cap Clip
Material : Rubber
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Product Information


You see the perfect picture and you just have some seconds to take it. You take out the len's cap and... where do you put it? Inside your pocket does not fit, inside your camera bag you loose time and if it falls, you don't even know where and when you lost it. Do we give you a hand? With the Smile anti loose len's cap clip it's just a matter of seconds where you put the cap into the clip and you forget about it!! It is valid for all the caps and straps of the market. You can put it on the height you want and also in both sides of the strap. With the Smile len's cap clip you won't loose any more caps!! Made with very resistant PVC containing rubber finishes. Very soft to the touch. The cap fits perfectly to the clip, which makes impossible that can fall or get lost. ts measures make it perfect to adapt to a whole type of straps and to all caps' sizes.
Brand : Smile
Product Model : 16403
Type : Lens Cap Clip
Colour : Black
Feature : Made with very resistant PVC containing rubber finishes
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Material : Rubber

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Smile