Philips AJ3123 Clock Radio

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Product Information


Waking up in the morning to an alarm tone from your phone or alarm clock is so boring. Get this digital tuning clock radio from Philips and wake up every morning listening to your favourite radio station. Set the alarm on your Philips clock radio before you go to sleep. The clock radio will wake you up the next morning by playing the station you last listened to. You can even choose to wake up to a buzzer sound if you are not comfortable with waking up listening to a radio station. The volume of the alarm gradually increases forcing you to get up and then put it off.
Additional Snooze
So, if you want to catch a few more winks, you just have to press the snooze alarm button and doze off. The alarm will wake you up nine minutes later.
Sleep Timer
So, if you are the kind that falls asleep listening to a program on the radio, you can use the sleep timer feature to avoid wasting power. Set the sleep timer to a certain time before you start listening to a radio station. The clock radio will automatically switch to a silent standby mode, thus saving power.
Dual Alarm
With the dual alarm feature, you can share your Philips clock radio with a roomie or with your partner. You can set two alarms, one to wake you up and the other for your partner who wakes up some time after you.
FM Digital Tuning
With the digital FM radio, you can enjoy a large music collection. You can even preset your favourite radio stations and access them without manually tuning the frequencies each time.

Brand : Philips
Product Model : AJ3123
Type : Clock Radio
Tuner : FM
Wattage : 0.1 Watts
Battery Type : Lithium-ion
Battery : 1
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Power Supply : Battery
Output Power : 100mW

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Philips