Orion 10274 Telescope

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Focal Length = 700 mmFocal Ratio = f/9.2
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Product Information


Orion 10274 Telescope is awesome for all-around stargazing.

Typically a quality telescope, with a 3" (76mm) glass essential reflect which collects light for nitty-gritty sees of the night sky.

A red-dot locate mounted on the telescope tube makes a difference zero-in on targets within the sky. The altazimuth mount is lightweight and simple to utilize. To point it, essentially move it up or down or cleared out or right.

Brand : Orion
Product Model : 10274
Type : Telescope
Optical Design : Reflector
Focal Ratio : f/9.2
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter : 32 mm
Diagonal : 90°
Finderscope : Reflex sight
Tripod : Aluminum
Focal Length : 700 mm
Aperture : 76 mm
Mount Type : Equatorial
Optical Tube Length : 655.48 mm
Warranty : 1 Year Limited

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Orion
Manufacturer Product Page : https://eu.telescope.com/catalog/search.cmd?form_state=searchForm&siteCode=EU&keyword=10274