Kent Excell + (with tank) 15 litre/hour Water Purifiers

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Purification Method : RO+UF+UV+TDS
Storage Capacity : 7 Ltr
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Product Information


Purification Technology The Kent Excell plus water purifier uses the reverse osmosis (RO) and ultraviolet technology for its purification. The raw water is passed from a lower to a higher concentrated region through a semi-membrane which is the main theory of reverse osmosis. The ultraviolet rays are allowed to fall onto the water, kill bacteria and make it fit for drinking. This fully automatic water purifier is available in the market. TDS Reduction The Kent Excell plus water purifier is more suitable for the low TDS water. This economic water purifier adds natural mineral to the purified water. Purification Capacity The Kent Excell plus water purifier has a purification capacity of 15 liters. It’s one of the best products available on the market. Storage Capacity The easy-to-use water purifier has a storage capacity of seven liters. Dimension This reliable water purifier has a dimension of length 39 cm, width 20 cm and height 52 cm. The total weight of the product is 10.7 kg. Alarm The Kent Excell plus water purifier has an amazing alarm system in it. If the ultraviolet purifier system malfunctions in any case, an audible alarm is rung. We can also set a filter change alarm in it. This will help to increase the efficiency of the product. If any function fails in this product, the working of the water purifier automatically stops. Other Important Features Kent 7 Ltr Excell plus RO Water Purifier is made with high-quality ABS plastic material. This help to increase the lifetime of the product. The water purifier box contains one Main Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card and Installation Guide. We can purify all types of water from well, tanks and pipelines. This product is WQA, USA - Gold Seal Certified.

Brand : Kent
Product Model : Excell + (with tank)
Type : Water Purifiers
Purification Method : RO+UF+UV+TDS
Material of Body : ABS / Stainless Steel
Storage Capacity : 7 Ltr
Features : Double purification by RO and UV with TDS controller
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
Filteration Capacity : 15 litre/hour
Pre-Filter Purification : No
Ultra-Violet Purification (UV) : Yes
Purification Stages : No

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Kent