Iogear GKMB02 Keyboard And Mouse Bluetooth White

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Type : Keyboard And Mouse Bluetooth
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Product Information


The IOGEAR Keys hair Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Interface for Tablets & Smartphones allows you to use your computer's keyboard and mouse with up to four Bluetooth enabled mobile devices, for faster texting, emailing, etc. By incorporating hotkey switching, the Keys hair allows you to quickly and easily change the focus of your computer's keyboard and mouse between the computer and up to four smartphones, tablets or other Bluetooth HID enabled devices. The Keys hair features a compact USB stick-style form factor so it slips easily into your briefcase, backpack or even attaches to your keychain. Keys hair is ideal for multitasking professionals to consolidate computers, tablets and/or smart phones into a single connected work area. Instead of picking up your phone and pecking your way through numerous text messages throughout the day, you can simply switch the your computer's keyboard focus to your mobile device and type as if responding from your computer. IOGEAR's Keys hair also provides cut and paste integration from computer to Bluetooth device. Now you can find that contact in Microsoft Outlook or copy some text from a Word document, and more. directly into your mobile device. IOGEAR's Keys hair Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Interface is easy to set up and use, with built-in software that requires no special setup discs or driver installation- just plug it into any computer's USB port and it does the rest. Keys hair works with both PC and Mac keyboards, and is compliant with Bluetooth HID enable mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S series smartphones and more. The Keys hair functions similarly to a KVM switch between computers, except the Keys hair switches between up to 4 devices wirelessly- basically a Bluetooth KM switch! For mobile users that also carry a laptop, now there is no need to carry a separate Bluetooth keyboard. manufacturers for details.

Brand : Iogear
Product Model : GKMB02
Type : Keyboard And Mouse Bluetooth
Colour : White
Features : USB 2.0 interface supports PC and Mac including laptop and desktop models
Warranty : 1 Year Limited

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : IOGEAR