Futura Q92 Saute Pan

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Type : Saute Pan
Material : Nonstick
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Product Information


The Futura Sauté Pan is an extremely versatile pan, giving you the flexibility to sauté, stir-fry and do the sort of jobs you could do in a frying pan as well. The Sauté Pan is suitable for sautéing vegetables, seafood, chicken and meat. It may also be used for stir-frying vegetables, rice, seafood, chicken and meat. The relatively high walls and broad base comfortably the preparation of gravies, curries and sauces. The Futura Sauté Pan is also good for making rice, pilaf or popular desserts like halwa.

Brand : Black
Type :
Size : Made with a unique patented process High quality non-stick coating (made in Germany) Locked firmly into the tough hard anodised surface underneath Lasts longer than ordinary non-stick
Colour : Saute Pan
Features : Futura
Warranty : Q92
Material : Nonstick

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Futura