Famous Happy 550 W Mixer Grinder

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Type : Mixer Grinder
Wattage : 550 W
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Product Information


Mixer grinder is a revolutionary product for anybody who enjoys preparing delicious and healthy homemade food. This little wonder from Sameer will shorten your pre-cooking preparation time by half, making cooking a lot more easier and for sure hassle free. The Sameer mixer grinder includes an automatic shut-off button and the entire set includes a mixer and grinder machine, chutney jar, a wet grinding jar and a multipurpose jar and a warranty card. This mixer grinder has special blades that lift the food and grind it at the same time, to create a fine blend of its contents destroying lumps. The bottom of the grinder has an anti-slip base, which uses vacuum suction to keep the grinder in place while it is in use. It comes in a very sleek and compact design, which does not take up too much storage space and also keeps up with the elegance of your kitchen. The body comes in a simple white color and the base and operating dial is blue in color. Automatically shuts off to prevent overload. Comes in a compact design for easy storage. Revers quadra flow jars prevents sticking to walls. Speed setting is 3 and pulse. Compact design and powerful mixing. This small wonder is compact in size thus occupies minimum space in the kitchen. Multi-purpose jars for additional grinding options some recipes may need fine grinding while some may have huge lumps to be destroyed. To create a fine blend of contents, there are lift and grind blades and three jars, a chutney jar, a multi-purpose jar , a wet grinding jar.

Brand : Famous
Product Model : Happy
Type : Mixer Grinder
Wattage : 550 W
Wet Grinding : Yes
Capcity : 1.2 litres
Dry Grinding : Yes
Colour : White
Blending : No
Features : Multi-functional blade system
Locking System : No
Warranty : 2 Years Limited
Juicing : Yes
Number of Jars : 3
Number of Blades : 3
Material of Jars : Polycarbonate and Stainless Steel

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : Famous