Adata AMUCAL-100CMK-CBK Chargers & Cables

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Type : Chargers & Cables
Colour : Black
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Product Information


Micro USB cable Neatly stylish charge and connect.Reversible ease on Micro USB cables - perfect for Android and Windows devices! A standard Micro USB plug on one side and a reversible USB connector on the other mean connecting mobile devices to notebooks, desktops, and chargers is faster and simpler without stopping to figure out which side is up! Premium aluminum casings reduce EMI and multi-layered braided sleeves provide greater protection. Tough 2.4A-rated copper wires ensure fast charging and data transfer. Choose from 7 stylish colors and enjoy smarter USB!Reversible design makes better USB For decades people everywhere have had to deal with that classic USB dilemma: will it connect the first time or will I have to check the plug? No more! Say hello to reversible USB and begin a new life of smarter and more efficient mobility.Speedy charging and data transfer with 2.4A We use carefully-selected tinned copper in large 24AWG wires rated for a high 2.4A current. Quality materials and construction result in consistently extra-fast device charging and data delivery, eliminating impurities and interruptions to give you totally dependable service.The tough but stylish type: meet our cables Generic micro USB cables bend, twist, and tangle. Over time, their inner wires become damaged, leading to degraded charging and data transfer. We prevent these problems with tough and durable cables that use woven metallic braiding. They last exponentially longer, keep peak performance, and shine with attractive design.Wide compatibility with Android devices                                                                                                                specification coming soon.

Brand : ADATA
Product Model : AMUCAL-100CMK-CBK
Type : Charge Cable
Colour : Black
Warranty : 1 Year Limited
USB Ports : No

Manufacturer Info

Manufacturer : ADATA