Philips AT756/16 Black and Blue Mens Shaver

Type : Shaver
Gender : Mens
Manufacturer: Philips
Vendor: Ezmaal
₹ 3,495.00 incl tax
₹ 3,059.00 incl tax

In today’s times smart is the new trend. A man enjoys everything from smart cards to smart cars, smart phones and more. Smart has even taken over the grooming world giving rise to a shaving masterpiece called the Philips AquaTouch Men’s Shaver. Equipped with a lift and cut dual blade system, this user friendly shaver lifts the hair gently to ensure a comfortable close shave. Powered by a Lithium ion battery that charges to its max in 8 hours, this energy efficient shaver provides up to 40 plus minutes of shaving time, making it a great travel companion. The integrated pop up trimmer and its dynamic contour response is perfect when it comes to grooming your sideburns and trimming your moustache. The rounded low friction protection head adjusts automatically while gliding smoothly over the curves of your face. Being 100 % waterproof you can now use the Philips AquaTouch Men’s Shaver in the shower with your favourite gel or foam. Now enjoy a refreshing wet or dry shave without worrying about any kind of skin damage. With a quick rinse system, this washable shaver is safe, ergonomic, convenient and a definite must have for all you men folk. With a two year guarantee, this Philips AquaTouch Men’s Shaver will get you all geared up to start your day with a refreshing shave.

Products specifications
Brand Philips
Model AT756/16
Type Shaver
Gender Mens
Colour Black and Blue
Features Shave with gel or foam for extra skin comfort or use dry for convenience 100 percent water proof for easy cleaning Pop up trimmer - perfect for grooming sideburns and moustache Skin protection system.
Warranty 2 Years Limited