Obama: All Access (English Movies, DVD)

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Format : DVD
Language : English

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Manufacturer : Reliance Home Video
Title : Obama: All Access
Actor : Barack Obama, Jacquie Stephens, Bobby Smith, Zenja Ricks
Director : Keith ODerek
Language : English
Year : 2009
Format : DVD
Genre : Drama
Number of Discs : 1

Full Description

You can now own the most complete account of what may be the greatest American political story ever tole: The historic rise of Barack Obama from Illionois senator to first African American president. ""OBAMA: ALL ACCESS- BARACK OBAMA'S ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE "": Is the result of two years of exclusive access granted only to 60 MINUTES. Contains material from six separate segments broadcast on 60 MINUTES, including excerpts from the Obama's first post election interview. Other never before seen infromal and intimate moments are included in this all encompassing presentation. Reveals the personal and public sides of the president elect and his family through the big media events as well as the quiet moments recorded only by America's number one news program. Is reported by 60 MINUTES correspondent Steve Kroft, who has followed Obama since early 2007.

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Manufacturer : Reliance Home Video

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