Just Like Heaven (English Movies, DVD)

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Format : DVD
Language : English

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Manufacturer : Reliance Home Video
Title : Just Like Heaven
Actor : Reese Witherspoon, Mark Ruffalo
Director : Mark Waters
Producer : Laurie MacDonald
Language : English
Year : 2005
Format : DVD
Genre : Comedy
Number of Discs : 1

Full Description

Elizabeth Masterson, a dedicated doctor in San Francisco, had almost no time for anything. When her sister with two kids set her up on a date, she gets into a tragic car crash and gets in a coma. Meanwhile, an artist named David Abbott moves into San Francisco and coincidentally, into Elizabeth's apartment for rent. While at the apartment, Elizabeth's spirit haunts him. She doesn't remember who she is, who her family is, and what she did - All that she remembered was her apartment and where everything was. To settle the arguments, David agrees to figure out who Elizabeth really is. When they get close to figuring out who she is, they eventually find love in each other and as they finally know who she really is, they learn that fate really has put them both together.

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Manufacturer : Reliance Home Video

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