Counter Strike: Global Offensive PC Game

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Platform : PC Game
Genre : First Person Shooter
Publisher : Valve

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Title : Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Platform : PC Game
Genre : First Person Shooter
Publisher : Valve

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Counter Strike Global Offensive takes off where the previous versions left and makes the combat action more interactive with a number of new additions designed to improve game-play. Global Offensive features the same type of objective based game-play where players must kill all enemy targets or complete the mission objective before the opposing team. Like in previous versions of this popular game, players join either the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorist team when they start out. Buy your weapons and protective armor at the spawning points and rush to take strategic positions that can give you an advantage over the opposing squad.
The Counter-Terrorists are the good guys who have to kill the evil terrorists before they bomb the target or kill hostages. Counter-Terrorists have a specialized list of handguns, rifles, submachine guns, knives, grenades, smoke bombs and flashbangs. Use the knife to run faster when securing a location or use your sniper rifle to snipe down enemy targets from far away. Remember to pick up extra ammunition, kevlar armor and your helmet before you head out into the combat zone. Throw a flashbang to blind your enemies before you charge in and take them out.

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Manufacturer : Valve

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