Chef Pro CSM855 1.2-Litre 600 W Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kettle

Type : Multipurpose Kettle
Wattage : 600 W
Manufacturer: Chef Pro
Vendor: Ezmaal
₹ 1,749.00 incl tax
₹ 1,354.00 incl tax

More than a kettle it is a mini kitchen with you. It is ideal for those who are staying away from home and do not have many people to help them with house chores. The kettle is so portable that you can take it along while travelling. The kettle has a firm base for that extra balance of the kettle. The wide mouth of the kettle makes it very easy to wash. So now without any other stress simply turn your kettle on, sit on the rocking chair and enjoy cuppas while gazing outside. The designers at Chef Pro want your approval and satisfaction at expressing your heartfelt desires as your home decorations.

Chef Pro Stainless Steel Multiple Kettle utilize 90% of the energy produced compared to 50% used by other cooking methods. Stainless Steel Kettle recognizes the base of the cookware and directly heats only the diameter of the pot, so very little energy is wasted saving you money while remaining eco-friendly. The Stainless Steel surface remains cool to the touch since only the kettle is heated. In addition, there are no open flames, smoke, or gas emissions making this an extremely safe and convenient portable cooking solution. Heating and temperature adjustments are immediate, allowing you to go from a simmer to a rolling Kettle in a few seconds. use it as a stylish, elegant centerpiece on the table, for outdoor parties and in the kitchen as an extra cooking zone.

Products specifications
Brand Chef Pro
Model CSM855
Type Multipurpose Kettle
Wattage 600 W
Capacity 1.2 liters
Colour Black and Silver
Warranty 1 Year Limited