Assassins Creed III: Liberation PS Vita Game

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Platform : PS Vita Game
Genre : Action/Adventure
Publisher : Ubisoft

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Title : Assassins Creed III: Liberation
Platform : PS Vita
Genre : Action Adventure
Publisher : Ubisoft

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The calm and peaceful city of New Orleans is woken up by the bitter sound of war and the boom of explosive cannons. People are dying on the streets. Hunger and destruction are everywhere. In a land like this, can sanity ever prevail? In Liberation, you, playing as the beautiful and deadly female assassin Aveline de Grandpré, will try to stop a war that is tearing the city apart. From travelling through the crowded parts of the city to hunting down villains hidden in the vilest of swamps, you will help the poor find their true voice amidst all the chaos spread in the city.
Developed by Ubisoft Sofia and published by Ubisoft, Liberation changes the gameplay mechanics by introducing new weapons and fight moves. The single-player mode allows you to play as three distinct characters in the game. Aveline can play a damsel in distress, steal secrets from the rich by acting as a slave or kill when necessary by being an assassin.

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Manufacturer : Ubisoft

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