About us

About Us

Red Door Online Pvt. Ltd. is an e-commerce company, committed to be the most trusted virtual mall, offering an impressive shopping experience, optimized delivery and focused customer service.


Our websites eZmaal.com, Bitfang.com, eZphotovideo.com, eZgames.in and LetsGetDigital offer superlative products under Mobiles/ Cameras/ Audio Video/ Computers/ Gadgets/ Movies/ Music/ Games/ Home Appliances/ Sports/Books and other categories, enabling our customers to make informed buying decisions. Just like our products our websites are also designed to be user friendly and easily understood by all its users.


Our Vision

To be the most preferred virtual market place providing a plethora of quality consumer electronic and IT products, with honest pricing and stellar customer service.


Our Values

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and we strongly believe in it and thereby our efforts are channelized in creating a simple website interface to assist our customers in checking out their complex IT requirements. We ensure that our product categories and search option makes it very easy for every customer to find the exact product that he is looking for.


Integrity is the essence of everything successful and this in itself is the core principle of our websites. Everything we do must stand the test of our customer’s scrutiny.


In the age of World Wide Web, we believe in World Wide Networking, we maintains a large chain of manufacturers/suppliers/distributors and vendors to ensure that we not only make the product available for our customer, but also aim towards offering the best pricing.


Customer service is not a department, it's an attitude! Red Door Online Pvt. Ltd. is known for its dedicated team that assists our customers on orders and warranty related queries. We believe in building relations and ensure that our team is available to resolve all queries through e-mails and phone at any given point of time.


When we say 'eZ boleto easy', we stand by it, deliver it and always work towards maintaining it. Whether the consumer is a passing by customer, regular shopper, do-it-yourself, hard-core gamer, student, small to medium-sized business, IT professional, reseller, deal hunter or anyone desiring acomprehensive one stop online shop, our websites are the the ultimate web space to beat. We envision a consistent online shopping and delivery service throughout India.


Red Door Online Pvt. Ltd. provide fair pricing and unparalleled product selection with a commitment to, ‘On time delivery’. We empower our customers to make the best buying decisions. Customer satisfactionis our highest priority, united with superior service.